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We all think that PayPal is the 'only' way to send and recieve secure funds - that it is the safest and easiest method of negotiating and finalising an ebay sale - that is is the ultimate payment procedure as apposed to other financial institutions willing to lend their services to smart buyers and sellers such as yourselves.

However... just think to yourself how easy it actually is for one of your buyers to say they never recieved an item - that it was faulty when it actually worked fine - that it was different to that you stated in the advertisement. You and I know the real truth behind all of this - that your buyers DID actually recieve an item. But what does this mean to you? Well, without any proof of recorded delivery or tracking information, that seller can be the nuisance in your account and actually be able to GET THEIR MONEY BACK by saying they never recieved an item or it was different to what you described.

This is a lesson for anyone to learn from. Always send your items by recorded delivery and make sure that in your advertisements you state that negotiation towards a different form of payment is not available. Otherwise your buyers are going to put you out of pocket for something you actually DID send - you know the truth and have probably thought about this before. Just try and remember never to send your items without some sort of tracking information!

A complicated story to be told? No! Just that anyone can easily open a PayPal dispute and get their money back while laughing behind their computer screen, knowing they HAVE the item and they ARE doing something illegal which, unfortunately, PayPal has no real say over!

Right then... remember to always sell safely and securely. DO NOT ship any items unless via recorded delivery and watch our for devious buyers! You have been warned! Better to spend an extra quid on recorded than be out of pocket for a few hundred, eh?!

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