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This is my first (and probably the only) helpful guide I will ever write about 1.3 Sphere Webcams with microphone. I received mine today (31/5/08) the day after I ordered it, which was very quick delivery.  BUT I encountered a problem when I inserted the mini-laser disc in the CD Drive:

It began installing correctly but when it came to the second page Microsoft super-imposed a warning box and promptly told me NOT to continue to install this webcam as it  might contain viruses, damage my computer and adversely affect my XP software, either with immediate effect or at some time in the future! It basicaly said I had to stop the installation immediately and contact the seller to obtain an official XP LOGO DEVICE DRIVER (which are tested and approved solely by Microsoft). It frightened me rigid so I immediately removed the mini-disc, cancelled the wizard and sent an email to the seller requesting an XP LOGO DEVICE DRIVER for my new webcam.  

Luckily I know someone who is a systems analyst and programmer and he knows a great deal about computers-so I rang him. Apparently Microsoft want the Chinese Manufacturers to buy expensive device drivers from MS and, because this would push up the cost of webcams like mine, MS are now 'annoyed' to the extent they put this warning on XP users'screens!

On my friend's advice I completed the installation of  the webcam then immediately ran a virus scan, which showed that there were NO THREATS found. I also did a complete Rootkit Scan, to be on the safe side. Again NO THREATS found. What a relief!  

MY ADVICE IS THIS-If you buy any webcam, either a 1.3 Sphere Webcam with Microphone or another manufactured in China, be prepared for this warning to appear on your screen. It is YOUR choice whether you install or cancel the installation of your webcam.  If you chose to ignore the warning and continue with the installation make sure you immediately initiate a Virus Scan and, if you have it installed, a Rootkit Scan.

So there you have it. What happened to me could just as easily happen to you. In the end though it is YOUR CHOICE as to how you proceed.

I do hope this guide helps you!  Thanks for reading it.

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