A Non-Payer Rating System Instead of Negative Feedback?

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Since the new feedback system came in I have just started my 4th action for non-paying buyers. Buyers now know that they cant get undue feedback from a seller for a less than happy trade. I can see to a certain extent why this was done but it has given buyers a new reason not to bother paying for items they have changed their mind on as they know there wont be any visible repercussions for it.

I think there should be a way for us sellers to beware of buyers such as this. I think a great system would be that every time a buyer is given a non-payment strike that is made visible to any seller. Next to the feedback rating there could be another symbol (i propose a black star!!) with a 1 or 2 next to it (3 means they should be removed by ebay as i understand).

If a buyer does not pay for an item maliciously then perhaps ebay could step up and give us a warning before we let them come to us and waste our time. If the buyer genuinely had a reason to not pay then fine ebay can make a decision on that, but while the system is no longer in our hands we need some protection from people who can ruin the integrity from the feedback system as right now its a bit farcical! A symbol next to the buyers name would easilly let us know the last seller was very unhappy with the trade and that ebay agreed with them and it isnt just a malicious seller. Then we could easilly just cancel their bids and move on to the next buyer. Ebay then has control over the system again and sellers can have a voice in the market.


Black Star for Non-Payers!!!

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