A Parents' Guide to a Baby Nursery

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A Parents' Guide to a Baby Nursery

New parents might feel intimidated at the thought of putting together their baby's nursery. Parents should make sure the room they choose for their nursery is completely safe and equipped with all of the necessary furniture before baby arrives. By informing themselves on the matter ahead of time, parents can have baby's new room completely ready by the time they bring the little one home.


Baby Proofing the Nursery

Parents should strive to create a hazard-free environment for their baby. A smoke alarm for example, is an important addition to every nursery. As a baby grows and begins to wander, plastic socket protectors prevent your child from sticking fingers into electrical outlets. Night lights assist you in arriving safely to your child's cot in the middle of the night, but never place them close to curtains or bedding, as this could present a fire hazard. Window dressings and blinds also pose a threat if they have long, dangling cords. Secure any such cords safely out of baby's reach.


Purchasing and Placing the Cot

The baby's cot is essentially the centrepiece of the nursery. It is a good idea to choose the cot bed first, since its style and design affect how you approach other nursery purchases. When choosing a cot, it is vital parents make sure it complies with government safety regulations. It should be deep enough that a baby cannot climb out. The rail spacing should not allow the baby to get his head trapped either. The mattress should fit snugly inside the cot as well, not allowing more than a 4 cm gap; this prevents baby from trapping himself. If purchasing a used cot bed, carefully inspect it for signs of damage to fastenings and locks. Placement of the cot bed is equally important. Do not place the cot bed under windows. You should also place the cot bed away from direct heat sources to prevent your child from getting burned or overheated.


Other Nursery Furniture

Other nursery furniture which is convenient to have in a baby's nursery includes a wardrobe for storing baby's clothes as well as a changing table. A changing table is quite versatile and many double as a chest of drawers, or at least contain a few useful storage areas underneath. A wedge-shaped changing mat placed atop of the changing station is a good idea to prevent baby from rolling and potentially falling during nappy changing time. Some parents prefer to buy a baby nursery furniture set, which often includes the cot bed, a changing station, and a wardrobe.


Baby Monitors

Another nursery must-have, baby monitors, allow parents to listen to their baby when they cannot be in the same room. Monitors ensure that parents know right away if their baby is distressed or crying. They give parents peace of mind at night and even during the day when they must handle other household chores.

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