A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Bids

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While browsing for something, have you come across an item that by the description seemed interesting but the picture was too dark or out of focus to actually see properly or at all?, If you have, you've probably done as I do, just clicked onto the next item.

    This is not just an issue on ebay, many professionally designed web sites provide a 'view larger image' button that actually shows the same image scaled up or a second image which is just 2% larger than the original! A further problem is black or dark items such as clothing, which unless photographed well, do not give a good indication of shape or quality of material, especially for velvet and similar items.

    Taking for example a black velvet jacket, unless the buyer has seen the exact item the seller is offering in a real life shop and therefore already knows the quality and feel of the garment, a single picture showing the jacket lay out on a bed but without the detail of material, pockets or cut will leave the buyer unwilling to part with any money. Effectively the picture only shows that the seller has a bed!

A good guide giving pointers on taking each photograph already exists, please check out Taking Great Photographs for Ebay . Following on from this, a number of pictures of your item with the below list in mind will greatly improve buyer's interest and hopefully your final selling price.

# Show pictures of the front, back and sides to show the details of the item.
# Take a close up picture of any pattern or design on the item.
# For dark coloured item consider including pictures of the same item in a lighter colour to better show detail.
# For clothing, the shape when worn is important so either show the item on a mannequin or try it on one last time.
# If the item has any damage or repairs, take a close up to show its not as bad as it sounds in the description.
# Generally, the larger the picture on screen, the better.

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