A Plea to Guide Writers

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Make sure you list your guide in the right category-a guide is not there to make you look good, it is there to help people find out more about a particular subject. In order for the categorisation to make any sense it is vital that some sort of sense is stuck to. Why should someone looking for information about 16th century chairs have to wade through information about 21st century dialling codes? Or someone looking about the art of Arthur Rackham have to go through data about where best to sell handbags? The system needs to make sense. It may seem an unpopular thing to say, but it should be designed so that a would be buyer or would be seller can go through the categories and find out something relevant. Make sure you tell us reviewers that we are doing the best practice for you-and this includes not only creating readable material, but sticking it in the right place. You wouldn't want your bookshop or department store to be all higgledy piggedly, would you?
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