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A few useful tips when buying an air compressor...

1) Make sure each end of the receiver (tank) has an inspection hole (hole with a threaded bung in the centre of both dished ends). Every air receiver in the UK must have these holes, if it does not then the compressor is breaking CE regulations and it is against the law to be sold to the UK market. If you do come across a compressor without inspection holes please report it to the Compressed Air Society. They’ll appreciate your call!

2) Buy from a compressed air dealer. Reputable compressed air specialists really will offer you the best advise around and back that up with expert support and after care. Most importantly, they will advise you on the most suitable compressor for your application.

3) If you're buying a portable unit, look for large rubber wheels, a tall sturdy handle and big front feet. Even smaller units can be heavy and these features will really help.

4) Warranty. Is it on-site, off-site, does it include parts and labour? Make sure every component is covered and not just the pump. 

You can easily be attracted by many of the low priced air compressors on sale now a days. These compressors are generally poor quality, perform badly and noisy! When it comes to buying an air compressor, the best overall advise we can offer is to buy the best you can afford. If you can spend a little bit more you will be getting a massive increase in value for money.

We hope this guide has been useful. If so, please visit our Ebay Shop.We sell ABAC air compressors, and after 44 years in the compressed air industry we believe ABAC compressors offer the best value for money on the market today. Check them out here.

If you have any questions regarding compressed air products please contact us, we’ll be happy to help! If you have found this guide useful please rate it below.


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