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Just saw yet another guide where someone is complaining about ebay new "sellers can no longer leave neurtal or negative feedback" policy or about being scammed by paypal who basically steals money from sellers accounts to give them back to thiefs who are claiming" item not received or not as described bla,bla,bla..."

Well my heart really goes to all those people because I only know myself how unfair/not safe  ebay is these days..

There must be 1000`s negative guides so far about how ebay&paypal works so I think to myself " Why ebay won`t do something about that?"

Why they won`t listen to the majority of the people and TRY to improve something?

Why won`t they start to help people instead of just taking their hard earned money ?

Do they even care about sellers whom they pocketing the most money ? (sellers fees,listing fees,shops fees,paypal fees etc ....)

I personally think they don`t care at all and they don`t listen to anybody

They knew that if one sellers leave ebay because of its unfair policy there will be another three who will join the ebay at the same time in a bid to provide a bread for their family

Let`s face it there must be about 1000`s guides written so far about ebay and paypal nasty tricks,unfair policies,high fees,stealing money etc but they will never change , they won`t listen..

All we can do is keep trying to improve security/high standards ourselfs by providing safe/secure place for all people to deal in



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