A Scrying How-To

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Gazing is not as depicted in films whereby a mystic receives clear visions of a far off land through the power of the ball. Close but not quite.

Scrying is a simple technique of relaxing and opening the mind into a trance like state where impressions and feelings guides the seer to the answer of a question. Anyone, with a little practice, can do it.

Scrying can be done with many different objects though the most popular is the 'Crystal Ball'. These can be made of any clear substance. The are some beautiful balls of different rock crystals with 'faults' in them which can add to a visions but most perfer a clear ball. Size does not matter as its not the ball which holds the power, its you!

Anyway, here's some tips that may help.

  • Be in nice surroundings such as a clean and warm room that you are comfortable in.
  • Turn the lights off. Light a few candles so that their light reaches the ball but does not reflect on it and so they don't distract your eyes. The darker the room, often the better.
  • Relax. If this means also enjoying a fruit tea or a glass of wine then do so but it should not cloud you're concentration so don't overdo it!
  • Breath deep, relax, empty the garbage from your mind and start to think what you wish an answer for.
  • When you're ready, pick up the ball and have a good look.
  • Hold it for awhile so it warms.
  • Place it back in the stand or continue holding it.
  • Remember to look into the central of the ball and not just onto the surface.
  • As you gaze into the centre continue to relax your mind and your eyes.
  • With a bit of practice who knows wat you'll see!

Hope those few tips helps but remember that there is no right or wrong way, just whatever works for you.

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