A Simple Natural Cure for Indigestion

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If you are one the many people who have suffered from indigestion, you understand just how uncomfortable this digestive disorder can be. Though there are many commercially available remedies,   there are also some very effective, natural and simple indigestion cures. One of these cures involves drink plenty of water.

General Benefits from Drinking Much Water

Properly taken and combined with a well regulated course of life, many of the mineral springs, both of this country and of Europe, possess wonderful power in relieving digestive troubles. The simple drinking, of pure spring water has a decided effect on many people. It not only increases beneficially the kidney secretion, relieving disorders which depend upon over concentration of that secretion, but it "washes the blood" also; a large quantity of water passing from the stomach and bowel into the blood and out through the kidneys.

Moreover, under more abundant use of pure drinking water, there is a more active breaking down and casting off of waste tissues from all parts of the body, and a quickening of the up building processes; so that the whole body is more rapidly renewed than when less water was taken. To get these beneficial effects in their fullness the water must not be taken at mealtimes, when it dilutes the digestive fluids and does harm; but must be drunk at stated intervals after meals, and at bedtime.

There is another influence, much more marked, in saline mineral waters, which has much to do with the beneficial influence of water cures. This is the washing of accumulated mucus (slime) off from the surface of the stomach and upper bowels, downward into the lower bowel. The glass of hot water taken with such relief by many chronic dyspeptics between meals probably has this effect; as likewise the glass of salt and water taken by others on rising in the morning. The Carlsbad waters of Bohemia are very helpful in this respect to many sufferers.

The Choice of Proper Mineral Springs

There is always some uncertainty whether water will benefit any particular case. An acquaintance of the writer who went from one healing spring to another in Europe for many years has testified that he never could be certain that a water which worked wonders in a case apparently exactly like his own would succeed with him or not; nor did he despair of receiving marked benefit from springs which had failed in cases very like his own.

It is evident therefore that in choosing a water cure for dyspepsia is to be given to many other things besides the chemical ingredients of the water, such as sanitary equipment, high and pleasant location, nutritious food, etc. When these are present, one is reasonably sure of some benefit to health, and if the virtues of the water are added, so much the better.  The mineral waters may, as has been stated, be taken at home; often with very great benefit.

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