A Windows XP Format And Reinstall Guide.

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Required: 1 copy of windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Centre).

1. Start the computer and tap the required key to enter the system bios (setup).

2. Navigate to the boot menu and set the system to boot from CD.

3. Insert the Windows disk into the main CD drive (Usually the top one on a desktop).

4. Now, Exit the bios, Saving your changes, and the system will reboot.

5. After the main splash screen the CD drive will spin up and you will see the message "Press any key to boot from CD", Once this prompt appears hit any key on the keyboard and the windows setup will begin.

6. After loading the required files on a blue screen setup you will be taken to the "Welcome to setup" screen, At this screen press enter.

7. Press F8 to agree to the license agreement.

8. At the next screen you may be asked to repair windows, If so press escape to access the partition screen, If you automatically go to the partition screen after the license agreement then ignore the escape button as above.

9. Delete all of the partitions listed by highlighting and press the D key and then follow the simple on-screen prompts.

10. Once left with unpartitioned space press C to create.

11. On the next screen press enter as the largest size for the partition will be already highlighted.

12. Now, Press enter again on "Partition one new raw".

13. Finally, choose "Format the partition using the NTFS files system" and press enter.

14. The format and reinstall has now begun, simply follow the on screen prompts for information (User name, time zone etc..) and a new installation of windows will finish.

15. Now install the drivers for your hardware.

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