A Woman's Guide to David Beckham Fragrances for Men

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David Beckham soared to fame as an English footballer who has enhanced the popularity of the game. Capitalising on his worldwide popularity, Beckham launched a line of fragrances for both men and women. If there is a special occasion coming up, one of these fragrances would be a perfect gift for him!

David Beckham Instinct Fragrance

As the first fragrance released under the Beckham name, Instinct captures the raw sensuality and masculinity projected by the English football star. Instinct imparts a smoky wood scent that includes base notes of vanilla and white amber. The allure of Instinct derives from the spice heart notes of star anise, pepper, and pimento. Instinct is an excellent fragrance choice for men who want a more subtle scent and for women who want to purchase an affordable fragrance.


Intimately Beckham Fragrance

As the name implies, Intimately Beckham is the fragrance for romantic evenings. The smooth fragrance derives its scent from patchouli oils and features subtle sandalwood and cardamom top notes, with finishing heart notes that include violet and nutmeg. Women who enjoy a fragrance that does not overwhelm the senses, but still imparts alluring aromas, should consider buying the Intimately Beckham fragrance for men.


David Beckham Homme Fragrance

David Beckham's Homme fragrance offers men complex aromas. Created to deliver a subtle blend of wood aromas that punctuate with fresh spice notes, Homme finishes by projecting a refreshing combination of skin musk and mahogany. Women find Homme appealing because it transforms several times into different scents. The fragrance initially offers the aromatic freshness of citrus and ginger, before delivering rich leather and rosemary aromas. Homme works in virtually every type of social setting.


David Beckham Classic Fragrance

David Beckham's fashion style combines traditional tailoring and contemporary chic flair. The Classic fragrance from Beckham captures this fashion spirit by offering rich wood aromas that subside into a light citrus scent. Perfect for wearing outdoors during the warmer months, Classic presents an elegant feel that never crosses the line into an overbearing fragrance. Women who smell fragrance samples typically enjoy Classic for its mint heart note and robust Texas cedarwood scent.


David Beckham The Essence Fragrance

As the most masculine smelling David Beckham fragrance, The Essence ranks at the top as the David Beckham fragrance most demanded by men. The vividly sexy aroma does a good job of capturing Beckham's iconic masculinity and charisma. Essence provides men with a powerful feeling that exudes confidence for any social occasion. The fresh scent presents saffron and lavender top notes.

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