A - Z of Vaping

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306 atomiser or 306 – atomiser used mainly for dripping. Has 510 screw threads..

510 – Refers to a particular thread to the battery.


APV – Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Typically needs different batteries, tanks, and atomisers can be mechanical or automatic.

ASH – Action on Smoking and Health, organization that supports the electronic cigarette.

ASSS – American Stop Smoking Society, another organization which actually opposes the electronic cigarette.

Atomiser or Atty – The device often found as part of the cartridge which converts the air from the battery into vapor.

Automatic Electronic Cigarette – An electronic cigarette that automatically activates during inhalation.


Bridge – Sits on the atomiser and fixes the cartridge above the coil. In addition, it helps the e-liquid through the wick to the coil.


Cartomizer – A combination of both the atomiser and the cartridge.

Cartridge/ Carts – The container holding both the flavoring and the e-liquid. Screwed onto either the battery (in the case of the cartimizer) or the atomiser.

Cig-a-Like – An electronic cigarette that resembles a conventional tobacco cigarette.

Clearomiser – A clear tank storage and atomiser in one. They’re refillable and provide e-liquid to the coil via a wick system. They carry anywhere from 1ml to 6ml of e-liquid.

Coil – The part of an atomiser that warm the liquid.


Dipping -Term used to dip the atomiser into the e-liquid prior to using.

Disposable E-Cigarette – Designed to be discarded once the e-liquid is empty.

DNA Mod – An electronic cigarette mod with a DNA circuit board to control varying wattage or varying voltage.

Drip Tip – The top bit attached to an atomiser which you set your mouth on.

Dripping – A way of adding e-liquid to the atomiser. A user drips a couple of drops directly onto a wick and coil before vaping

Dry Smoking – Term used for smoking without the atomiser, used to dry out the electronic cigarette.


E Cigar – Similar to an electronic cigarette, but uses the cigar styling and flavors

E Juice – E-Liquid nicotine and flavoring, often used to refill electronic cigarette cartridges.

E Liquid – Alternative term for E Juice

E Smoking – Term used to describe the smoking of an electronic cigarette.

eGo – A type of electronic cigarette that uses the 510 threads, 510 parts and has a bigger battery. Many folks believe this is among the greatest and simplest versions of electronic cigarette


FDA – Abbreviation for the Food and Drug Administration

Filler – The absorbent material which is placed inside of a cartridge. It’s used to help deliver the juice to the atomiser.

Flooding – Term used to describe when the atomiser has been flooded with E-Liquid.


LED – Light Emitting Diode, the light at the end of the battery to show operation and requirement for charging.


Mechanical Mod – No electronic parts like a circuit board.

Mesh – Stainless steel meshing used to create a wick for bringing the e-liquid to the coil of an atomiser.

Mini E Cigarette – Smaller version of the electronic cigarette.

Mod – Short name for an electronic cigarette that is either modifiable or has been modified.


Propylene Glycol or PG – An ingredient found in many brands of E-Liquids that creates the vapor. Ordinarily, PG generates less vapor than VG but supplies more flavor and throat hit.


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Stealth Vaping – A technique of vaping to conceal vapor clouds


Tank – A plastic or glass storage chamber that carries the e-liquid

Throat Hit / Kick – The description of the vapor hitting the back of your throat.


Vaping – The activity of “smoking” an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – The smoke produced from the electronic cigarette, of water content.

Variable Voltage (VV) – A dial on a battery which allows you to alter the voltage to the atomiser.

Variable Wattage (VW) – A dial on a battery which allows you to alter the wattage or ohms to the atomiser.

Vegetable Glycerol (VG) – An ingredient found in many brands of E-Liquid. This is among the ingredients used that when heated will generate vapor that can be inhaled. Generally, VG creates more vapor than PG but supplies less flavor.


Wick – A narrow piece of poly cord that’s inside many designs of atomisers that enables the delivery of e-liquid to the atomiser.
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