A beginners guide to selling on Ebay...

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When your home is over due a good clear out (mine usually begins just before Christmas to make space for all the plastic tat that the kids will never play with) I do a quick whizz round the home collecting things no longer played with or used and put it to one side. Once I have a mountain pile I then begin by taking pictures from different angles and in a good light. I then scowl Ebay looking for similar items to get a price.  Then it's time to write the advert, you need to write a good description explaining the condition your item is in, colour etc. Then decide whether your happy to post your item, if so choose the type of postage you require. It's always best to go for recorded delivery, but if you opt for standard ensure you keep your proof of postage. Also decide what time scale you would like your advert to be, I usually go for 3 days, as not much happens till day 1 anyway. Once you have a winning bidder who's paid up, it's time to package up your item. A thrifty way thats easily available is to use black bags, their waterproof, light and very cheap. This isn't for everyone though and can be frowned upon in the selling world! You can buy postage bags from plenty of places also.
Things to remember;
- Make sure you leave feedback this helps build a users creditability. 
- Do ensure you charge enough for postage. 
- Plenty of users will start bids at 99p this is great for attracting people to 'watch' an item in the hope for a bargain, but please bear in mind that if only one person bids you could be left unhappy with the price received.
- Keep proof of postage!
- Make sure your truthful on the condition of the item if there are any scratches, marks, stains etc, make sure you take pictures and add on the description as buyers can claim through paypal for a refund leaving you out of pocket!

I hope this guide helps, happy selling!  
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