A common sense approach to selling on Ebay

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Hi there. This guide is a common sense approach to selling. I could also have called it 'How not to try and sell to me on Ebay' as that would be nearer to the truth. Here goes....

1. Don't expect many people bid on your item if they have to come to your place for 'Collection in person'. This severely restricts your market to those within a reasonable distance of you. Of course if your item is particularly desirable and in demand and can bought at a reasonable price then those slightly further afield will travel to you (travel costs permitting).

2. Don't bother with 'collection in person' for low value items which would fit in a jiffy bag for the sake of a £1 and a visit to the post box.

3. Don't be lazy. It doesn't take much effort to wrap or box your item for posting. Your potential market then becomes the whole world and not just nearby purchasers who are prepared to come to you !

4. Try to keep shipping costs reasonable, nothing is more off putting than seeing some greedy seller asking megabucks to send something which you know would cost way less to post.

5. If you absolutely won't accept anything less than a certain price then start the bidding at that price or set the reserve to that figure. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential buyer than continually raising their bid in a effort to 'fish' for the reserve price. Also if you have a reserve price and then go and tell your potential buyers, what that reserve is, you may as well have the start bid at that price hadn't you ?! duh

6. For large cumbersome items I use a courier as a method of shipping. They will collect from your home or workplace, they are surprisingly cheap (less than £10 for items upto 30kg) and provide tracking details for you to pass to your buyer. I love to see my bought and sold stuff travelling to and fro.It inspires some confidence in the shipping process.

7. When it comes to pricing your item check out the 'completed items' feature in the advanced search. See what people have paid for stuff like yours in the past. It's amazing the idiots that ask 200 - 300% more for their item compared to the best price ever obtained before and sometimes more than the shop price !! HELLO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.....heheh

8. Because I'm the impatient sort I can't be bothered to advertise my stuff for more than 5 days. Invariably I get asked for a 'Buy It Now' price from other impatient Ebayers who 'Want It Now' and can't, or won't, wait for the end of the auction. For higher value goods I'll set a 'Buy It Now' at some slightly optimistic price slightly over the going rate for the item because sometimes you can find a buyer out there who is gagging so badly for that item that they'll pay 'a little' over the odds.

Nothing puts me off more than waiting ages for an item that would sell just as easily within 3 or 5 days. If you must put it on for longer than 5 days then please offer a 'Buy It Now' price in case people like me lose interest in the meantime and start to look elsewhere !

Remember if someone out there is desperate for a particular item then they will have notifications emailed to them within a few hours of that 'must have' item appearing on Ebay so they will know you have one for sale and will be frustrated at not having the opportunity to bid/buy it sooner rather than later especially if there is no 'Buy It Now' (at the right price of course).

9. ANY PIC WILL DO ! even from a mobile phone. Quite often a seller inadvertandty advertises one thing only to be corrected by a vigilent watcher who has spotted a discrepancy between the picture and the description. Check your facts and put as much info in the title, even hyphenating some parts to allow 'non-perfect' searches to find your item. If desperate a pic can be grabbed from the internet and used (copyright police permitting). If you don't have manuals or documentaion for your item include a link where potential bidders can find more information.

To be contnued........./END RANT/

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