A few words for those who use Paypal

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Ok Paypal Now there's word everyone knows i use paypal for all my international sales to the UK and the rest of the World .  I sell a lot and let me tell you if your a new ebayer and are going to be selling only to the USA or live in the UK and only sell there and no where else , Do yourshef a favor and just accept checks or Money orders even if you don't have a bank account just accept postal money orders that can be cashed at the post office , Paypal is a joke pure and simple they like to give items away for free lot's of times . I had to refund some people a few times and give them a free item , I use USPS shipping to send items overseas and they don't offer a tracking number but i use customs numbers to track them to make sure some one get's there items and is not trying to scam me you got to be safe now days on ebay and i have had more then one time to give a neg feedback and you be worried about getting one back and just reply let all other ebayers know you have been scamed trust me it works . The only good paypal is if you buy a item and the seller trys to scam you and not send it you can open a claim and get your refund back as i had to do .  Well i can say paypal has it's up's and down's

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