A further observation on feedback.

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I am writing this in response to another e-bayer's comments on Feedback(don't know if I'm allowed to namedrop so I won't)-what was said was quite helpful but I disagree that as a seller you shouldn't leave feedback after you have received payment.Feedback is NOT about " if you leave me good feedback, I'll do the same for you".It is meant to be used as a guide for other e-bayers to know what sort of service they might expect to get from a seller.If the feedback is used as a threat, ie "if you leave bad feedback you will get the same", potential buyers will not get any warning that someone they are dealing with takes ages to send items/overcharges for P&P/doesn't pack things properly/doesn't communicate or even misrepresents items.

As a seller,one is only concerned with how quickly a buyer honours their bid and pays for it,and possibly how courteous or otherwise any communication is.

E-bay themselves have made an attempt at re-dressing  this problem by not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback(which actually does a dis-service to other sellers as they should be able to use feedback to find out if there are any potential problems with dealing with buyers) Personally I think it would have been more helpful if E-bay had made it so that buyers couldn't put feedback in until after the seller has entered theirs.That way it would be far more likely to be honest.

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