A great gadget for tech lovers!

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Google Chromecast

A great gadget for technology lovers and even suitable for techno phobic people! An easy to use and set up gadget. All that is needed is to download an app from your phones store so either iTunes or GooglePlay and follow the in app instructions. Great as that means there is no new software to get your head around.  Chromecast is easily used and enables your smart phone or tablet to be used on the TV. You can easily cast your phone on the screen but be warned everything will appear including newly received messages! It can also cast from apps such as YouTube, Netflix, iPlayer and many more much better than trying to watch around a small screen. When casting using these apps all that is required is that you switch the TV to the Chromecast channel and press a button on your phone or tablet. Very simple! The best part of it is that when casting from a handheld device it can still be used as normal particularly useful when casting a film for little ones as you can still use your phone as normal! Chromecast can remain the the HDMI port at the back of the TV and does not effect the TV usage but gives the opportunity to switch between casting from a handheld device or watching TV. Once set up it can be removed without requiring additional set up but why remove it? It hides at the back of the TV and nobody will know it's there until you wow them when casting! A great gadget at a reasonable price that can be used by all the family.
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