A guide in buying legitimate Gold Mobile phone numbers

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When buying gold mobile phone numbers off ebay the things you need to wiery of are...

- does the number you buy actually exsist?

There are many ways of finding out whether or not the number you are buying actually exsits, many numbers you buy these days are not given in full e.g. 078 ** 007 007 , the *'s represents missing numbers that sellers tend to leave out for several reasons, firstly they dont want you to know the full number, in case for some reason the number is new and unregistered it is very easy for people to call up the network provider the number is connected to and 'hijack' the number, or re-register it into there name, hence the owner or in this case the seller loosing out on the number. if the full number can be obtained then, all you have to do is call the number and as long as a message saying the number you are dialing is not in service /or connected then you know your ok.

if the full number cannot be obtained then make sure you check that the seller has adequate feedback and in certain cases dont buy but from sellers that have paypal protection. try and avoid cheques, bank transfers and other means of paying where you arent covered if anything goes wrong.

always make sure you ask the seller Whether he has the registration details for the number before buying, as with out them the number isnt worth the plastic chip its on. dont accept to buy a number only if you are offered a PAK code ( this is the porting authorisation code, that you require in order to move from one network to another,) as in most cases network providers ask you the details of the owner of this number as well as this code.

even me as a seller ive been stung many of times trying to buy numbers off ebay from people that advertise numbers they never even have! make sure you ask the seller the questions stated and remember if its too good to be true its NOT GENUINE!  

Gold Mobile numbers nowadays are very expensive, as it is seen as a great investment and along with that comes great risk when buying. there are very few genuine Gold mobile phone dealers on ebay make sure you deal with the right one!

Happy Ebaying

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