A guide to Experimenting with Tyvek Paper

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Tyvek Basic instruction Guide

What is it?

Tyvek (pronouned Tie-veck) is a high density polyetylene synthetic material; the name Tyvek is a registered trademark of the DuPont company. It is usually used for envelopes, disposable work wear and house weatherproofing.

Tyvek is very difficult to tear but can be easily cut with scissors or a craft knife. It can be coloured with almost anything. you could use felt tip pens, paint, crayons and fabric paints. You can print a design directly on to the tyvek using an Inkjet printer. For crafters the most important of Tyvek's characteristics is the way it reacts to heat.   

   1. Colour your Tyvek as desired. This could be with paint, crayons, felt tips, fabric paint or print a design using your printer. Most inkjet printers are suitable for printing on to Tyvek. Laser or other printers that get hot are not recommended.
   2. Place your coloured Tyvek sheet between two layers of BAKING PARCHMENT / PAPER or Teflon® Sheets (greaseproof paper is not recommended).
   3. Set your iron to maximum and hover the iron about 0.5 - 1cm above your Tyvek ‘Sandwich’. As the Tyvek is heated by the heat from the iron it will distort, bubbling away from the heat.

 To have the bubbles on the front iron from the reverse.
To make holes: iron on one side then turn over and iron from the other.

Tyvek Beads

   1. Colour your Tyvek as desired.
   2. Cut a long triangular strip from your Tyvek
   3. Starting with the widest end wrap your Tyvek strip around a knitting needle or similar.
   4. Wrap some craft wire around the wound Tyvek to secure.
   5. Using a heat gun, gently heat the wire and Tyvek bead until it has distorted sufficiently.
   6. Leave to cool and remove by sliding the bead off the knitting needle.

P.S. Why not try cutting shapes before heating such as hearts, circles or thin strips?
Please note a copy of these instructions with pictures is included with all packs of tyvek that we sell.
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