A guide to Online/Tarot Readings

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A guide to having a Tarot Reading

by head lecturer of The Phoenix Spiritual Centre

Many of us have preconceived ideas of what happens in a tarot reading.

A set of cards with pictures on that an individual can use to foresee the future and give you warnings of death etc..

This is NOT TRUE!

Tarot is a psychic tool, it simply allows the reader to read information about you that has been linked into on an earthly level and read it as though reading a book.

It is dependant on the readers skill as a psychic, inner wisdom and link to their own cards that will give the final outcome of the reading.

As a person being read, always bare in mind that you have the choices to make in your life, and only you can make them. Tarot simply lets you have a more informed view on things, and when they happen etc you then need to make what is the right choice for yourself.

Please note any tarot reader who claims info from the spirit world are acting fraudulently, tarot is a Psychic tool not a  spiritual/mediumship tool. If a medium is reading for you and is also a tarot reader, by law they must divide the two abilities and guide you on  your earthly life, whilst spirit guide you in a spiritual way.

Also self responsibility always comes into play, under no circumstances must any medium or psychic predict death...they will not ever be given that information because the only info a psychic can give is guidance... How can you guide anyone on a death? NO READER will not have access to this information, that is the universal law as well as our earthly law! Many readers who do this, thinks this gives them a sense of power. it does not.

The only power anyone has over you and your destiny is what you allow them to have, that means the power begins and ends with you on how you live your life and no tarot card or reader can change what only you alone can change!

Kendra xxx

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