A guide to Pandora and Pandormania-uk

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A guide to Pandora and Pandormania-uk
Pandora was founded in 1982 by Danish jeweller Per Enevoldsen. Pandora began on a small scale importing jewellery from Thailand and selling to consumers. As the products became more popular and the demand grew, the Enevoldsens turned their attention to wholesaling. In 1989 Enevoldsen established a manufacturing site in Thailand, where production is still carried out today.
Today Pandora is the world's third-largest jewellery company in terms of sales, after Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Pandora market their products in more than 80 countries on 6 continents.
Pandora's collection includes a wide assortment of charms, spacers, clips, safety chains, rings, necklaces, earrings and watches.

Pandormania-uk was established in 2014 after my full time Accounts job became part time and I decided to use my experience as a Pandora addict/collector to buy and sell Pandora items. Another reason for starting an Ebay shop was the fact that I had seen far too many fake items being sold on Ebay, I wanted to create an excellent service where people would be confident they were receiving genuine but affordable Pandora items and not some cheap poor quality copy from china.

Pandora Hallmarks
The standard maker's mark on PANDORA jewellery is ‘ALE’, which stands for Algot Enevoldsen, the father of PANDORA founder, Per Enevoldsen. All genuine Pandora items will carry the ALE hallmark along with a quality marks to indicate the metal's purity and to guarantee that the metal is genuine. Listed below are a few examples:-
ALE 925 – pre June 2011, 92.5% pure silver.
ALE S925 – post June 2011, ‘S’ for silver, 92.5% pure silver.
ALE 585 – pre June 2011, 14ct, 58.5% pure gold.
ALE G585 – post June 2011, 14ct, ‘G’ for gold, 58.5% pure gold.
ALE 750 – pre June 2011, 18ct, 75% pure gold.
ALE G750 – post June 2011, 18ct, ‘G’ for gold, 75% pure gold.
ALE R - Rose gold plated silver.

Al.E- is the hallmark for Algot Enevoldson (father of Per) who was first registered as a silver smith in 1950 Copenhagen.
The placing of the hallmark can vary from charm to charm, some hallmarks being bold and easy to see, others being tiny and almost hidden from view. 
Early 2009 a crown was added above the Letter ‘O’ in the word Pandora. Bracelets made pre this date will not carry the crown. 
You may also notice other hallmarks do not worry these are country specific jewellery stamps which Pandora adds to conform with specific countries precious metal laws. You will usually come across these when purchasing from abroad.

Due to Pandoras’ popularity and recent growth more and more counterfeit item are available on the internet. Since opening Pandormania-uk we have been bombarded with emails from china offering a full catalogue of Pandora jewellery complete with images, Pandora codes at ridiculously low prices. These emails boost on how their products are at least 95% similar and also carry the correct hallmarks – this makes my blood boil and these emails are forward to the Pandora Brand Protection team.
When buying a Pandora item from Ebay there are a few simple steps to follow
* Check the item has the correct Hallmarks. Silver and gold are soft metals, be prepared when buying a used Pandora item that the hallmark may have signs of wear.
* Check the hallmark is correct and quality of the hallmark, if the lettering and numbers are wonky none uniformed then this is a giveaway that the item is fake as Pandora hallmarks are neat and uniform.
* Compare the picture of the item with the Pandora Website. Be wary of a seller using a picture taken from the web and not a picture of the actual item they are selling. Some older retired items may not be on the Pandora website and may need a little more research.
* Check out the seller; don’t just look at feedback look at what the seller is actually selling. Does the seller have many of the same new items?Ask yourself why does this seller have so many new Pandora items for sale – Pandora do not sell wholesale to Joe public.
* Send the seller a question asking if the item is genuine, if you do not get a reply I would be wary of buying the item. If you do get a reply stating yes the item is genuine the eBay messages will help your case for a refund if the item does turn out to be a fake.
* Go with your gut feeling, if it appears too good to be true it more than likely is.
Pandormania Stock source
All of our stock is handpicked by myself or my husband who has also become somewhat of an expert in all things Pandora such as weights, changes in hallmarks, quality of gold plating, quality of silver, diamond testing and product codes. We buy mainly pre loved bracelets with charms from fellow Pandora collectors these are checked for Authenticity, on occasions we will have new stock from family and friends that have been abroad and purchased items from the Authorised Pandora Retailer in the airports or Pandora Boutiques. We do also from time to time stock other brands of fine jewellery. All our items are thoroughly checked before listing on Ebay, if we have any doubt then item will not be listed and returned to whoever supplied the item.

Pandormania Photography and item description
Providing images and an item description format has been a case of trial and error, we do think we are almost there in providing good quality images and an informative, correct description of our items.
All of our items are individually photographed we DO NOT use generic images. The item in the image is the actual item for sale and the item that will be received if purchased.
We try our best to describe the condition of our items using the following descriptions;
* New – This item will be brand new and never worn.
* Used but in excellent condition – This item will be preloved but will be in a good condition. There should be no dents or scratches visible to the naked eye. However, if viewing through a jewellers loupe small blemishes may be visible.
* Used with signs of wear – This item will have signs of wear and all defects will also be described, most commonly this will be wear to the hallmark or light scratches
* Used with damage – This item will have damage such as dents, scratches or cracks. Again all defects will be described and photographed.

Verifying an item with a Pandora Retailer
You can get your Pandora items checked at a Pandora Retailer however we have tested this at several retailers with surprising results. I sold a Moments bracelet from my personal collection via eBay, I had bought the bracelet a few years earlier from my local Pandora retailer and was only selling it as it wasn’t being worn due to already having two and had also recently purchased a Pandora Bangle and a Pandora Essence bracelet, the bracelet was in excellent condition with no marks or defects. The buyer of this bracelet contacted us stating the bracelet was fake, her friend that work at Pandora had checked it for her. The bracelet was returned and a refund given. My husband took the bracelet to the Pandora retailer I purchased it from stating it was purchased on eBay and would like to check it was genuine, he was told it was a fake, however the sales representative was a little lost for words when a receipt was presented showing that the bracelet had been purchased from the same store some years previous.  I am sure that Pandora retailers have a certain remit when it comes to verifying Authenticity of items not purchased from a Pandora store please keep this in mind.
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, click on a link below to see our other guides:  
Debbie and Damian at Pandormania
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