A guide to Rc Nitro Car's - All you need to know!

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Hi and welcome to all you nitro enthusiast's!!! If your an experienced nitro racer than this guide will give you some helpfull pointer's to give you the edge!, or even if your a complete beginner this guide will get you started and will have you racing your nitro RC car in no time!

First of all, to get started with RC nitro car's, there's a few thing's you need to become familiar with to prevent damage to you and other's! Rc nitro car's is NOT A TOY! it's a nitro car that goes fast! My first nitro car was an XTM XT2 nitro buggy with a 24.7 xtm engine! capable of doing over 40mph! a fantastic car which is high spec at a low cost.

If your looking into buying your first nitro rc, perhap's that's one of the reason's your searching on ebay, then it is advisable to buy new as if you buy second hand, yeah it's okay nice and cheap and get's you started but most probaly the car has taken some beating. The main thing to consider is the conditon of the engine, via the conditon of the piston and sleeve, how much play does the crank journal have, is it airtight (this is one major issue when it come's to tuning your nitro rc, believe me trying to tune a nitro engine when it's seaping out air!... it's impossible and not to forget to mention a complete headache), what is the condition of the internal component's such as the crankshaft, carbrettour etc. These are all thing's to consider when buying second hand, that's why if your not familiar with nitro rc then all this can be overwhelming and it's by far easier to just start from scratch with a shiney new nitro rc, of course it depend's on your budget, but as a rule of thumb, the more you can afford the better nitro rc you will have in return. One last piece of advise and perhap's one of the most important is to make sure you can buy spare's for the nitro car your buying because you can bet a pound to a pinch you will need spare part's!

So you got your new Nito Rc car and your hands are scratching to open the box, which was my first experience when i first had my nitro rc, trust me the best thing you can do is to read the manual first, become familiar with the car and of course help from this guide, but the manual will give you more specific guide to the particular nitro car you have, this guide is merely intended as a broad knowledge to all nitro rc car's. When i first opened my nitro rc, it was a disaster, i first started it up and the car lurched out of my hand's revving it's head of, but lucky enough i managed to pinch the fuel line to stop the engine. Now the one thing i done wrong, one tiny mistake was i had the base setting's on the carbrettor (explained further in this guide), the idle needle valve was set a mm to wide then what it should of been and because of that i had problem's from day one, of course as soon as i realised this i changed it and the car worked a treat. Which once started the nitro rc, to get optimum performance you need to learn how to tune your nitro engine all explained in this guide!.

So let's get started with the learning curve and by the end of this guide, you will be able to not only start and run your nitro rc, but run and race it like a pro! All respect to time, having knowledge is great but there is no substitute for plan old experience! it just take's time to become familiar with nitro rc car's, and im even still learning!! over 4 year's experience! im alway's learning, learning new techniques, new tuning techniques, different set up's to get the edge, the world of rc nitro car learning is endless, you learn something everytime you go out for a bash out in the yard, at the track, or in the parking lot! wherever you go to race the nitro car, but do not race it in the street as not to forget to mention how dangerous this is to road user's, but to the safety of you and other's around you!

Let's get started on the basics....

(All references to picture's will be from XTM XT2 24.7 NITRO BUGGY as this was my first nitro rc car!)

Rc Nitro car chassis component's

The chassis is the metal plate that eveything sit's on and is bolted or screwed to, and to provide mechanical protection for the internal component's inside the car which cost's a small fortune. If you flip you car over it will be the metal plate along the bottom.




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