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One to eight of perfect christmas TV viewing

There have been many different TV series lately that will keep you glued to the box. Here's a guide to the best in the bunch. I am writing this guide as part of a BzzAgent campaign.
One. Breaking Bad- Everyone has heard of this one. It features the story of Walter,  a struggling chemistry teacher who has been diagonosed with uncurable lung cancer. He turns to crime and starts producing methamphetamine with a former student Jessie Pinkman and together they get into all sorts of sticky situations. This series can be quite dark at time but certainly keeps you watching.
Two. Homeland- This is a different kind of thriller. The main character Carrie, who has a diagnoses of bi-polar, suspects that a former marine Brody has been turned by al-Qaeda and poses a threat to the USA. This is an award winning series and is now on its fifth series so hours of watching here.
Three. Fringe- This series is based on science fiction and includes an alternative universe to our own. Members of the fringe devision investigate strange occurances that happen in these parallel universe's. A majority of the episodes feature stand-alone cases so this is a great series to dip in and out of.
Four. How I met your mother- A lighthearted comedy perfect for the whole family this christmas. This series tells the story of how Ted met his childrens mother. Ted goes far back in time to explain every detail of how he got to the point where he met the allusive mother. All the way through the multiple series you are left guessing as the possible mother changes. Great family viewing.
Five. The Mentalist- A famous self admitted 'not psychic' starts working as a consultant for the CBI to help them solve cases as well as to search for the allusive 'Red John' the madman who killed her wife and child. Again a majority of episodes in this series are stand-alone so another great one to dip in and out of. The stories are thrilling enough to keep you gripped.
Six. Dexter- Another famous one that everyone has heard of. This series is dark with a twist, the main character Dexter is a serial killer. However he is a friendly serial killer, Dexter only kills people he believes deserve it. This was simple to begin with although as his life moves on and he has a child and wife he gets himself into all sorts of crazy and dangerous predicaments (for example the time he got amnesia and forgot where he had hidden a body).
Seven. Gossip Girl- One for the girls, this is based around main characters Serena and Blair, two priviledged upper east-siders who have more money than they know what to do with. This is lose yourself TV, perfect for those christmas afternoons.
Eight. And last but not least- Friends. Who could have a christmas without friends? Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross could never fail to put a smile on anyones face.
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