A guide to buying Crystals for their healing properties

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As a medium as psychic I have naturally got a great deal of interest in a lot of complimentary belief systems and practises, that of crystals and their healing properties included.

As a result I thought that I would write a brief guide for anyone interested in buying crystals for their energy and healing properties as well as their aesthetic beauty.

In general the first thing to take into consideration when buying a crystal is which crystals are you naturally drawn to? The second would be that of the purpose of the crystal as in how can it benefit you?

There are 7 chakra points in the body: (Energy points) these are situated in the following order, with a suggested corresponding crystal.

The Crown chakra : (On top of the head)  Clear Quartz

The Third Eye Chakra : (Situated on the forehead between the eyes) Amethyst

The Communication Chakra (based at the throat) : Turquoise, Blue lace agate

The Heart Chakra  (Central chest cavity) : Amazonite, green calcite, Rose Quartz

The Solar Plexus Chakra: (Based between the sternum and navel) Lemon calcite, Gold tigers eye, Citrine

The Sacral Chakra (Reproductive area) :  Carnelian, gold topaz, orange calcite

The Root or Base Chakra ( Perineum) : Obsidian, Red jasper, Bloodstone, Smoky quartz

When utilising crystals for their healing properties for the above chakras there is no need to place them directly on the chakra points, simply holding them is beneficial as they transmit their energy to where it is needed.

A general rule to remember when choosing crystals for their corresponding healing properties to chakra points is to consider the corresponding colours to the chakras.

Base Root Chakra/Red or Dark stones

Sacral Chakra/ Orange stones

Solar Plexus Chakra/ Yellow stones

Heart Chakra/ Green or pink stones

Communication Chakra/ Blue stones

Third eye Chakra/ Purple stones

Crown chakra/ Clear stones

At the end of the day utilise your intuition, as this will be your best guide, their are also some very good books and information in which to help guide you with using your new crystals. But do remember to go through a cleansing process with them, this doen't need to consist of anything to extreme, but a good way to cleanse or recharge crystals is to place them under running water, or in the rain ideally or to bury them in earth, just remember where though!

Enjoy your crystals and happy healing!

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