A guide to choosing the right Medium/Psychic for you

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As a working psychic/medium for the past 15 years, all to often I have had clients come to me for a reading telling me stories of awful experiences that they have had with fraudulent mediums.

Unfortunately it would seem knowledge as to how to pick out the fake to the real Mcoy is not as readily available as we would like it to be.

However I would urge anyone who is considering to purchase a reading in any form to consider a few aspects first and foremost. Firstly what is the difference between a psychic and medium?

There is one simple answer to that, there is a great deal in fact of a difference.

A Medium will become a conduit and will relay information from the spirit world to their sitter, whereas a Psychic is someone who will pick up information emitted from the sitters aura and relay this back to them.

There is NO spirit contact involved if you are recieving a psychic reading, if during a reading that is being given the psychic starts to pick up on spirit, they should finish giving the psychic information and close the reading down, before stating that they have spirit with them, and after seeking permission with their sitter to pass this information on will commence with giving a mediumship reading.

Secondly a real medium needs NO tools to contact spirit, here in the uk there is actually a law that was put in place after the prosecution of famous medium Helen duncan, the last person to be tried under the witchcraft act which was later removed and the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was put in place, for the protection of both the sitter and genuine mediums.

One of the aspects a false medium in the uk can be prosecuted for is claiming the need to hold an object in order to "link" to spirit.

Naturally this then raises a lot of questions about psychometry (reading an object whilst holding it) however psychometry is not a means of mediumship but an example of psychic work, and when performing this the psychic would normally state that it is part of an experimental examination of psychic work.

The point being, think again if you make a booking with a "Medium" who requires the aid of a tool, oracle, or object, a genuine medium needs nothing to touch or hold when giving you spirit information.However a psychic on the other hand will use a tool to give a reading such as a tarot reading or cartomancy etc.

A good medium/psychic will never ever predict pregnancys, death, or illness Nothing is ever set in stone, and in making predictions this can create nervousness stress, all of which are completely uneccessary

A good medium/psychic will never try to prescribe a rememdy for ailments, we may be psychics but we are not doctors, if you have concerns go to those who have trained in their proffessional field for years to treat you.

A good way to find a reputable and good psychic or medium is to ask around, word of mouth is often the best way to find out who is good and also who is to be avoided.

And lastly, a reading is meant to be an enjoyable business, you should never walk away unhappy at the end of it, if a medium or psychic does not deliver to you a good reading they should not charge you for your displeasure.

I hope this helps clear up any questions regarding finding a good medium/psychic at the end of the day the more knowledge and facts we have the less scary and questionable a business  it all becomes, I hope that anyone and everyone who chooses to read this guide, finds someone who gives them a good reading.


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