A guide to custom foam size orders through eBay

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Currently eBay doesn't allow us to link directly to our website, however the logo and name of our business ought to direct you to the site.

Nonetheless, take a moment to understand what foamcutters.co.uk actually does. Most of our business is in replacing the inner cushion in sofas that have seen a few years of service. There are a number of options for refills, and all of them are cheaper than buying a new sofa, without doubt. The foam we supply is made using new techniques at 'Vita-foam'. This new foam lasts 10 years- a 'new' sofa from DFS or similar is likely to last 12 months before becoming horribly uncomfortable. They basically fill their sofas with the cheapest stuff possible in order to mass produce furniture, but you probably knew that.

So foamCutters has over the last 60 years developed a few ways to accommodate and comfy-erenate all shapes and sizes of people... we can do harder foam fillings for one side of the sofa and softer for the other; it's your call. The ultimate in comfort is when you can actually sit on 'your side' of the sofa- and your partner can sit on theirs!

We make something called 'sandwhich' cushions; basically a central foam cushion surrounded by softer foam or super longlife dacron; this is the most popular filling we make, year on year has proven durable and comfortable for all who have bought them.

If you need more information (this guide will be updated) then give us a call on 0151 647 3395 or drop us an email at info@foamcutters.co.uk

-- there's more information on our website, too.
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