A guide to making money on ebay from police auctions

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I will start by saying, don't waste your money buying ebooks on eBay that will tell you where to find police auctions. I must admit I was curious at first and almost purchased an ebook. I then did a quick search with Google and Walla; I found a list of police auctions for FREE! Simply Google > Police auction and you will get the list.

Moving on...Police auctions are a great way to make money on eBay. High priced items go for peanuts and you can make the profits on eBay. I recently went to one for the first time this week. I was nervous because I’d never actually been to a 'real' auction before. Anyway, it paid off! I walked away with over a grand’s (based on RRP) worth of designer perfumes for just over £200.00. 100% authentic police property. You can check out my wonderful collection by visiting my eBay shop  The Fancy Design Store . Discount prices, whilst stock lasts!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’d like to think I'm a nice lass and as it's Christmas we all need the extra cash, don't we? The product ranges at the police auctions are vast. You can pick up designer clothing, electronics (PSP, laptops etc), tools, furniture, games, toys and the list goes on. Whatever you are passionate about, you should consider selling. You can save anything from 10-90% off RRP. It's amazing!

Simply follow these simple steps and you'll make a killing in time for Christmas.

* Think of something you would like to sell on eBay. This is a good idea as there are so many different items at police auctions, its best if know what you are looking for. Think Christmas and gift ideas.

* Gather a good amount of cash. I guess this is an initial investment, but it is so worth it. I'd say have a minimum of £100. Please keep in mind that some police auction charge a premium as well as VAT so be aware.

* Research the items you are interested in and be aware of their value. It's so easy to get carried away at a live auction and end up paying more the items worth. Travel to a police auction. Be early to avoid missing the best items. Also consider going for viewing, that way you know what is for sale previously.

* Pick-up your stock, create eye-catching auction on eBay and reap in the profits!

* It's as simple as that you can make nice tidy sum for Christmas.

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