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This is a very short guide to mobile phone unlocking

I have been asked by BzzAgent to do an eBay guide so I selected Networks charge various amounts to unlock a handset Vodafone charge £20 within contract,three don't charge it's free,Ee charge £21 but won't unlock for 6 months ,O2 don't charge if you fill out an unlocking form or go through various eBay resellers always find the cheapest price this review is by buzzagent treble

How to know if your phone is network locked

There's various ways to find out this information there are free programs on android to check or if you have an iPhone and from apple direct it won't be locked but if it's from car phone warehouse it will lock to the first inserted sim 

So your better of always getting a sim free device

If you can but if it is locked get one from three and not ee as they are the worst and slowest to unlock there are various guides online on how to unlock your device some just want a code inputting but you only have a certain amount of atempts before it stops you some need latching to a computer to unlock your device 

The best phones

Now the great iOS v android debate is rife Personally I just love the newest and the best which for me is the iPhone 6 plus sim free direct from apple unlocked to all networks it's a stunning device and super smooth the note 4 is very nice and my favourite of the android devices 
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