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I just feel the need to write a guide on posting and understanding the cost involved in listing packing and posting an item.  I have had much discussion on postal charges in ebay, many people think that you should charge the bare minimum for an item lets say a cd should be 1.25 but if you break it down a second you will find that this is cutting it fine and you could end up with a loss lets say postage is 85p now packing is a minimum of about 12p thats buying in a bulk amount of packaging.  Some people may say, ah well I just use a bit of bubble wrap thats hanging around but the presentation is less pleasing to the customer and it may be ok as a one off but if you really need packing and just pop down to your local store youll be lucky to find a jiffy bag under 30p that is another massive cut.  Now then there is listing fees usually 15p maybe 5-10p for cds and thats a basic listing 10p for buy it now 15p gallery if necessary.  For me the biggest thing overlooked is peoples time.  It may be a hobby for most but when you get a dodgy Italian asking for foreign postage rates and then telling you it should be cheaper this turns to hassle.  Also the time spend taking things to the post office time spent listing items it eats into daily life if you have a handful of items listed.  I value my time and as long as its spent wisely with regards to ebay then a reasonable return on the effort is normal.  Taking all costs into consideration 1.12p I value time  spent at least 75p+ so your talking nearly £2.00
Now then for the ease and comfort of buyers on ebay there is Paypal heres an example someone pays £5.74 by paypal seller receives £5.32 so there is a 42p reduction made, if you pay by cheque or postal order the seller has to take it to the bank which is more time.  So a great idea but all the costs need to be watched and more importantly taken into account so please remember this when you think someone is charging too much postage.


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