A guide to the different types of Locking nuts

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Locking wheel nuts are a good way of increasing the security of your Alloy wheels and tyres, as they can be expensise to replace. Wheels are attached with either a bolt, which has a threaded shaft that fits into your wheel hub, or with a nut that has an internal thread that fits onto a stud that comes out of the wheel hub on your car.

 There are four main types of seating method for locking wheel nuts and bolts.

 It is very Important You fit the correct type of lock to your car to ensure they are safe to and secure the wheel properly.

 The Most Common type are TAPPERED SEAT they have a 60 degree cone where the thread meets the head on a bolt and a 60 degree cone that fits into the wheel on a nut.

 They are found on most aftermarket wheels and as standard on makes such as Honda, Ford, BMW(except X3, X5) Renault and Saab.

The RADIUS SEAT have a curved area where the bolt meets the Thread.

The Type is typically found on Audi, Mercedes, VW Original wheels.

 The FLAT WASHER type have as the name suggests have a flat washer where the tread and the wheel meet and are most common on Mitsbishi, Lexus and Toyota

The Last and least common are tuner bolts/nuts and are realy a variation on the Tapered bolt,

they have the same type of 60 degree cone but are usualy internaly driven, which means a special adaptor is inserted to the centre to fasten the nuts or bolts

From left to right; Flat washer, Radius, Tapered Tuner

Hope the Guide was of intrest if you have any further questions just contact bespokewheels


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