A lesson for everyone !!!!

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Having read both reviews I have to say the following;

1) FHMDIRECT, You are a business man, you have been in business for years, you obviously value your reputation alot, so why sell something that is in such a poor state of repair and then be surprised when you get an inexperieneced buyer take the car home and get upset becuase it requires a fortune spending on it.  If you really are as experienced as you say, surely you knew what kind of problem there was with the car and that it would be expensive to fix.  I think if you reputation is as important as you say, my advice would be to either avoid selling anything unreliable or give the buyer a chance to check the car over first and offer a warranty.  You must of realised that this guy knew nothing about what he was buying when he took the car!

2)SPIKERAT, Really avoid buying what you know nothing about, if you cant tell if a car has an expensive mechanical problem and you are taking an guess, leave it to someone who knows, all that glitters isnt gold and this car has turned out to be a curse for you, you would have been better taking a mechanic with you or buying from a garage that offered a guarantee!


3) TO YOU BOTH, Whether this is a geniune balls up all round, or one has tried to pull a fast one on the other, unfortunatley nobody reading your postings will ever know, its just tit for tat and both of you have lost credibility from this situation, so my pity goes to one of you if you feel completley innocent about this, but hey, we are all adults, and you have to be responsible for your own actions, I think it is a shame that you have not been able to resolve this without all of this comedy.  And which ever one of you is to blame, you will know, and i hope you learn a valuable lesson from this.


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