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A little about me ......... CABOCHONCORNER

I begin typing wondering if anyone, ever will even read this?
However just incase, I will carry on ......
Reason for writing - hum, maybe's to give any potential customers a little insight to the stranger they may well be considering purchasing an item from.
I am a mother, now a nan (total bliss), a sister, daughter, Aunt and all of those things. Guessing the way society labels it - a middle aged woman too! Professionally my background is in social work. My dream, my distraction from "it all" is crafts.
If it shines, shimmers and is pretty, I love it! I'm always confident I can make or shape something with it! My nan once said if I'd have been a bird, I'd have been a Magpie. Figure that sums what I love up well.
I didn't plan to start selling craft items on Ebay, it never entered my head. One day I TRIED, very hard I might add, to sort out the items that were filling my spare room.  More parcels were on the way and space was getting extremely limited. My daughter said "Mum why don't you sell the odd bits that you are not using".
So it began ........
And with it, the responsibility.
I am to this day, forever working on my photography skills. Probably always will be - simply because I am NO technical wizard. Once I had to wait 4 days to watch telly because I didn't understand how the remote control worked!!
I like to address my envelopes by hand, write my thanks by hand. I'm traditional I guess.
I love animals, especially dogs. I have been known to pretend to be an off-duty RSPCA Officer - that's another story. Boxers are my breed, on my 4th rescue, puppified and dogiffied to the end!
I believe that life is what we make it, how we see it. There is always another side to the "coin". I truly do believe in a power greater than me. Mother Nature, the world and how it works all around me with NO human intervention what-so-ever. Amazing and beautiful.
My wish - that everyone would treat another the way they'd wish to be treated themselves. Reality being this is not the case and we individually should take personal responsibility. Failing this, we should rise above it and be who we are, what we think and believe in. Be true to ourselves.
That's my goal anyway! To live a good life.
Not an easy one - and one I',m sure I'll always be working on.
What irks me - people who have no morals or values. My neighbours mis-mash recycling that never gets collected due to its adhoc assembly and then blows everywhere. David Cameron but now he's resigned.
What makes me smile - a lot of people and things. Those I hold dear to my heart, deer and birds. I'm also very fond of my first ever pippa doll that I saved up my pocket money for in 1979! She is called Mandy and is still wearing her original dress! Add to that, peanut butter, my reading glasses and my little red car. Without all, I'm sure I'd never survive.



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