A load of balls

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I really needed to use this to get my tiny grievance off my chest. I bought some golf balls stuffedcrustacian and when it was sent to me it was lacking in 50p for Pastage, meaning I had to pick it up from the sorting office and pay a £1 handling charge. £1.50 I hear you say - what's the problem. Well the package only cost me £4.50 in the first place - so it was a 33% price add-on to get it. It was also appallingly wrapped!!!

I contacted stuffedcrustacian and they refused to even admit responsibility as they said it had been weighed and posted in a Post Office (I knew it hadn't as it didn't have a printed sticker on it - it had stamps). I asked for proof of postage (as all good ebayers get from the PO - as I do) but they just ignored me then.

I am not a nasty person, so I put a neutral comment on feedback saying 'Hmmm not great - contact me for details' and they responded with a negative f'back saying 'Beware' for me. They have also done this for other people - I think it stinks. Anyway, that's my moan finished!!!

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