A new sega MegaDrive game for 2007 Hardcore fans only

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The word on the web today is that the Megadrive - which has been a deceased format for many years now - will be getting a brand new game release later this year.

Only, it isn't a game by Ubisoft or EA or anyone you may have heard of - it's being done by a group of ultra-hardcore Sega fans, who just refuse to let the 16-bit era go.

Putting all their homebrew skills into the project, the new game, titled Pier Solar, is a fully-fledged Japanese-style RPG made from scratch for Megadrive.

The programmers, who say the project originated from "the Sega homebrew community of Eidolon's Inn in 2004" (presumably a website), say the game will be release on a proper cartridge and Sega CD later this year.



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