A quick guide to moss removal.

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Moss Removal From Tarmac

Having a drive made of tarmac gives your home a neat and streamlined look. The smooth looking surface is the perfect foreground to make your home the envy of all your neighbours. However on a closer inspection the tarmac driveway is in fact the perfect breeding ground for moss.
Although tarmac looks smooth it is actually quite a rough surface and filled with many tiny pockets which moss and fungal cells can grow in. It is alarming that in such tiny spaces, some hardly visible to the human eye, can protect the fungal cells of moss and keep in the moisture it needs to grow on the tarmac.
Removing moss is actually a very easy task and with the right products such as Sprayaway  you can have the job complete in practically no time at all.
Here are some easy steps you can follow to get the job done right first time.

1.  Before treating the moss directly it is always a good idea to use a sturdy wire brush to move away any loose debris or dirt from the area. This gives a clearer target area for the moss removal products to do their work.
2.  After you are satisfied that the brushing is complete it is time to apply the product to the moss. Spray it on liberally to all the affected area making sure all of the moss has had a drink of the solution.
3.  Leav the moss remover to work its magic. Don't worry about catching any of the formula, there are no toxins in there so there isn't any danger.
4.  Move away from the area and allow the ground to dry a little. Wet surfaces can be slippery so take a precaution and keep away just till the surface begins to dry.

After the treatment is complete it always a good idea to take little actions to keep the moss from coming back. Occasional sweeps with the wire brush helps to dig out dirt and gathering fungal cells so by removing them early it prevents them from growing. Also keep the drive as clean as possible by removing leaves and other debris which could provide the moisture needed for moss to begin growing.
Sprayaway is just as effective at removing moss, algae and lichen from a wide range of external surfaces including roofing, render, masonry.

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