A word of warning, paypal and freecom media hard drives

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Recently I had the misfortune of buying a wrongly described Freecom Media Hard Drive for £160 from a now suspended ebay seller called Roland Carney! When i first recieved the item on attempting to set it up i realised there was no networking or wireless provision. I went to check the item description on ebay to find the remaining items removed and the seller suspended. A bit worrying but the item was covered by PayPal protection but contacted the seller via his email address hoping to sort it out without PayPal. Unfortunately the seller was reluctant to offer a refund despite admitting that the item was not as described, he was using drop sales and been given the wrong information. He was willing to offer me a £20 discount but i explained for the actual item i bought in comparison to the one recieved, this wouldnt be enough and i wanted a full refund. I was then given the option of putting the item back on ebay and he would buy it off me with his brothers account, again i refused. I offered to travel 100 miles to hand deliver the item and get a refund but this was refused. I also explained that i had opened the box and at this point the seller refused any sort of refund and told me to take it up with PayPal

On contacting PayPal all the above information was supplied, unfortunately for me PayPal had 2 responses. 1 was to send the item back for a refund within 10days, i queried this due to the sellers suspicious offers earlier on and at this point PayPal informed me they would look further into it. After the reminder to post the item, I again contacted PayPal and was informed that they were still investigating. However I then recieved an email stating that the complaint was now closed due to me not returning the item and when i then queried this, they again stated they were still investigating. The procedures are still ongoing but i have the feeling this is going to be yet another one of the supposedly safe PayPal procedures where the buyer loses out to unscrupulous sellers who are being allowed to get away with it. On a lighter note they did supply the sellers home address so justice may still prevail outwith PayPal and Ebay procedures and i may yet find out if the hard drive will fit where the sun doesnt shine on Mr Carney once he digs himself out from a mountain of junk mail

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