A10 Motorcycles Broxburn

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Can i ask jasmin 3k are you just lucky or are you one of the owners mates because it is now Feb and i still havent got this mess sorted out. Ron Green the owner is very aware and has been for several months now to the problems i have had with the bike and as yet has done nothing to sort it out apart from making pointless phone calls occasionally which get us nowhere closer to me getting my money back. Ron is the owner, i paid Ron the money straight into his hand and Ron is responsable for his staff. Trading standards have told him to give me my money back and guess what? nothing. Now does that sound like customer service to you? the bike has been in same place for nine and a half weeks since the brakes flew off. One good thing tho, the panniers have now turned up last week. Not too bad considering they were ordered in October.
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