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When the figure grading starting out it was there to grade and preserve RARE and VALUABLE items, however more and more 'run of the mill' common figures with a low end value are flooding the market after being 'graded' and 'cased'. Now that in itself is nothing out of the ordinary...... BUT hundreds and hundreds of people are sending in figures worth £10 to get them graded and cased, then trying to sell them for £100!!!! why? a £10 figure is STILL a £10 figure thats just in a case and no one in there right mind will pay what you now think its worth. The grading companies are making a fortune from this sort of thing so please stop wasting your money.

I like many others are now aware of 'clone' graded figures. Just remember that where ever there is money to be made you will ALWAYS without exception attract criminals who want a slice of the pie.

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