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Hi There are an huge amount of fake superstars and trainers in general on Ebay and it's eay to get taken in my advice is to visit for advice, it could save you a fortune. By the way my tag is Lorre and good luck and remember knowledge is power check out the site. My general advice is: 1. Always use Paypal. 2. Ask the seller if the shoes are 100% genuine (If they don't responed assume they're) 3. Find websites with item on and compare the pictures. 4. If the seller has libary pictures ask for genuine pictures. 5. Regarding 35ths ask for imagaes of the heel, the label on the box and compare these closely with other images. 6. Some trainers are extremley rare and sold out within days, if a seller seems to have loads by very wary. 7. If the trainer is coming direct from Hong Kong or China be very cautious. 8. Original are generally made to a very high standard and if doesn't feel of high satandard it may well be fake. Good luck and take care.
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