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A TALE OF FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS: On Oct 19th, I placed some worldwide auctions on the ebayuk website, for 10 days. After watching a while, i noticed the listings werent appearing on other ebay websites.  On October 23rd, I sent an email to the services, just asking what was going on, and this is the resulting discussion:

29 Oct 2006 A follow up on an enquiry I made recently- Ive been selling items on ebay for a while, and have been trying for some time to encourage European and US buyers to my listings. I have noticed in the past promotion that when I have listed items worldwide on the EbayUK website, theyve not been showing up in searches on ebayUSA or EbayGermany, and that means the listyings are nto getting the maximum available coverage. Can you explain why this be so? because I feel Im being hampered because of this- there doesnt seem to be a problem with US or European listings appearing on the British website!

29 Oct 2006 Thank you for writing back to eBay. We apologise for the delay in responding. I understand that your items are not showing on international eBay sites.
Rob, we are anxious to help solve this issue for you, but we will need further information. Please reply with your:
* Item numbers
* Any other information you feel is important to helping us solve this

A list of numbers are supplied

31 October 2006 Thank you for writing back to eBay. I sincerely apologise for the delay in our response with regard to your items not appearing in our US and Germany sites.
I have checked your selling activities and noticed that you have no active listings. Please note that if you list your item with the worldwide option then your item will be available on our US and Germany sites. In the keyword search, items will be displayed if the continuity of words is maintained and the keywords are included in the item title.
In future, if you are unable to locate any item on other sites then please get back to us with the item number so that we can assist you further.

Erm, of COURSE there are no items listed- the auctions have already finished! And none of the items I listed were ever available from the US or the European/German site! That was the point I was trying to make- it is no good trying to advertise worldwide if the items arent going to show up there! As far as im concerned, you have deprived people of vital accessibility, and as a result numbers of bids, customers and your fees have been greatly diminished. 

For your records, the item numbers were  <numbers>. Although american bids were successful, I have gathered from messages that these sellers only found my lots by looking through the ebayuk website, not the US website, and no bids came in from the continent.

02 November 2006 Thank you for writing back. I do truly apologise for the delay in responding.

Listings are over. It is too late to check. I do truly apologise for this. As it stands, we have no way of knowing whether they were actually available on the sites you are referring to. This information may be of help to you:

<link to aryicle>

Thanks ebay!

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