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I have had many emails from serious collectors and ordinary buyers alike asking how they can make sure that the Airline Stickers they buy are genuine.

Generally speaking the false - copied - bootleg - counterfeit stickers are mainly of the Airline Logo's and are generally offered in quantities larger than one. It is wise to email the seller asking whether the item is genuine and airline/manufacturer/ issued or whether it has been printed by themselves, if they reply the latter or if they ignore the email then you can guess they are not real. Lets face it Anyone can pick up large files of logos from the net and have them printed but in order to do that they have to also sell in quantity or they don't make any money. The danger in the future is that eventually these bootleg stickers will be offered by unsuspecting sellers as real and this will damage the sticker market which is 99% genuine.

There is a worrying trend also that the opening of the common market has allowed many people from Eastern Europe to do just this , copy the logos and sell them off in quantity. Lets face it, if you want this, why not look on the internet and make one yourself, all you need is a decent laser printer, why pay for the item and also the postage ???

I sell lots of Airline and Aviation stickers and am happy in the knowledge that I sell only genuine items , mainly to collectors, I am happy to answer questions about my stuff and in fact guarantee my items that they are 100% genuine. I do come across some bootlegs which I destroy immediately as they are normally not the correct colours compared to the originals.

Remember to always ask whether the item is real, if they don't answer then don't buy simple as that, you have worked hard for your money, when you spend it you want to be sure you are getting the right product.

Most collectors will spot bootlegs in a flash and wont go near them so like everything you buy remember - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Please remember that many stickers gain in value as do stamps because there is a massive collectors circuit all over the world and older stickers are getting harder and harder to find, as they rest up in someone's collection for a few years, some are still stuck on items and once that is done, there is one lost for ever. So please say no to the pirate copies and save your money

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