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i am writing this guide to hopefully help people who are thinking of changing their alloy wheels to atfermarket wheels.,

when i say aftermarket i mean a set that were not original on the car.

there is alot to be said for some sellers who will sell you any set of wheels and tyres just to get the sale.

make sure your new purchase (which isnt going to be the cheapest) is not a bad one.

there are a few points to this.

1st. always check our wheel fitment. this may sound silly but you need to know this so you can understand wether the wheels you are about to buy will fit.

an example of a wheel fitment guide would be here:

click on your make and model and you will see if it is a 5 stud pattern witha  100mm difference between the stud (PCD) so you know what to look for.

also another thing woth regards changing to bigger wheels. you really need to take care. if you are running a 185/65/15 tyre you need to get the correct calculation if you are going for 17" wheels to keep the rolling rotation of the gearbbox right.

an example can be found here:

if your standard wheels are a 185/65/15 the correct tyre size needed to go to 17" would be 215/45/17. take a look yourself and i hope this guide helps you alloy wheel buyers when making your choice.

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