ALLOY WHEELS what not to do

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Just thought I should sit and write this so no one else makes the same mistakes I have done buying wheels and spends weeks trying to sort thing's out .
I had to buy a new set of alloy wheels for my BMW simple you would think ? Find a set you like press buy it now and wait for them to come in an ideal world yes now let me tell you what hapend to me
I wanted a set of M 6 alloy wheels as fitted to my car from new I found out that sellers don't all put all the info you need but put a phone number to call them if your unsure. This was the first mistake I made I called the seller Wheel Doctor 2011 as he had a set of my wheels but not listed in my size as my car has wider rear wheels . he seemed a nice guy and said yes he could help me 2nd mistake I paid for the wheels using credit card before I knew it I had brought the wheels out side E Bay not for any gain but the seller gained BEWARE .
Then the wheels did not show turns out the seller does not hold wheels in stock again against E Bay rules  He said 10 day's to get them in stock before sending to me !!!!!
Well to cut it short I now have the bank trying to get my money back and E bay looking into the seller as his address does not exist when you look the guy up he has had failed company's before so before buying some thing like this I would do your home work google the seller make sure your not dealing off E Bay use Pay Pal as not all seller's are good e bayers 
Have also now found he is on several forums as selling fake wheels or just taking money and no goods  live and learn if only done home work first but needed wheels in hurry as had damaged one of mine hitting pot hole 
Adding onto this have just had it confirmed that the refund will stay in my account as the seller Wheel doctor2011 said it was my fault that I changed my mind If only i waited in day's for the wheels when he said they where going to come at one point he said the rear's would come then the front's would follow then he had been broken into and my wheels where stollen yet they should have been on a lorry on there way to me ?? Then he said he would refund me but he was in hospital having a tooth taken out this went on and on .When dealing with some one like this keep all your text's I was lucky my phone links to my PC when in range and backs up I had all the text's e mails and E Bay messages even with all this it has taken months to sort out to be sure .As he said to his bank it was my fault they looked into it again I had to send it all off again i had one thing going for me as well is one time I phoned him was from my bank on speaker phone the adviser was a whitness on my side to it that she had heard it all about him going to refund me and he had allready tried to refund to my card but it takes 10 day's .As you can gather please don't do what i did  
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