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The product code on AMD CPUs is not just a meaningless jumble of letters & numbers, it actaully translates giving various technical details. This code is officially known as an OPN (Ordering Part Number), it represents the technical spec of the CPU & will tell you all you need to know about an AMD Duron, Athlon or Athlon XP CPU (the information in this guide is not totally applicable to AMDs more recent 64 bit & other ranges).

The OPN is made up of 7 parts. There are various websites which break down this information & give reference tables which can be cross-referenced against to identify an AMD CPU from its' product code. One such website can be found at

AN EXAMPLE I will use the tables via the website above & a random AMD product code of: AX 2000 D M T 3 C.

The first part (AX) is the core type: Athlon XP

The second part (2000) is the model number: 2000 (note this is not necessarily the CPU speed in MHz, for example an Athlon 2000XP runs at 1667MHz or 1.67GHz)

The third part (D) is the package type, in this case OPGA

The forth part (M) is the operating voltage: 1.75V

The fifth part (T) is the CPU critical temperature: 90 degrees

The sixth part (3) represents the L2 (Level 2) cache: 256k

And finally the seventh part (C) is the FSB (front side bus): 266MHz

OTHER METHODS Another useful & simple way to identify some differences between older AMD processors is by the colour of the CPU (The grid array). For an explanation of this & a further reference regarding the above information, please see this website:

Some of the data revealed using the OPN is of little use to most users, likewise the model number (2000 for example) is obvious to eveyone however some data is essential to know such as the FSB (Front Side Bus) & the L2 cache is also useful to know and this is information only revealed using the OPN code.

While the information in this guide does not apply to AMDs 64 range I hope this guide has been of assistance & helped you. This information is already widely available on the internet however no eBay guide had addressed this issue so I thought I would write a guide to help others. If this has been helpful please click YES below where it asks was this guide helpful? Many thanks.

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