AMD Processor speeds compared to Intel.

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i dont profess to be a computer geek, or an IT expert, but i know enough to know that for example an AMD dual core 3600 is the equivalent to a 2.0 mhz processor for everyone else.

Now as one of my home machines has recently snuffed it, i'm in the market for a new machine. So whilst searching through, i have become increasingly aware that certain PC shops or businesses are listing the 3600 as its processor speed.

So correct me if i'm wrong, if one were to order one, and upon getting it home, fired it up for it to show 2000mhz at its post screen, wouldnt you feel  a bit ripped off if you were expecting 3600 mhz of power??

i made one seller, fittiville or something like that, aware, as i was interested in purchasing his machine, AMD DUAL CORE 3600 + 1GB RAM 160 GB DVDRW Vista Ready, Item number 160155104875

only to get a curt and smug reply along the llines of, 'when AMD stop advertising it, so will I. . That certainly made my mind up, obviously he can afford to lose £200 on a daily basis!

as you can see from that particular title, it creates the impression that you are getting a 3600 mhz machine. Well you are not, you end up getting a 2000 mhz,i even checked what he'd put for the processor speed in the description and he'd put 3600. knowing it to be wrong! or at least technically incorrect.

As i used to work for trading standards i know that he, among others is misrepresenting his item, so if a cusstomer points this out after he'd recieved it, what chances doe he have for sending it back?

All i'm saying is that if an AMD advertised on eBay shows the its speed as 3600, or 4000 or whatever, simply do a google search to find out what the processor speed REALLY is! might save you a fortune and prevent you lining the pockets of unscrupulous dealers!


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