AMDs New Socket. What will it mean for you!

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What Is It & What Are Its Benefits?
Socket AM2 is AMD's latest new CPU socket type being introduced which will eventually replace both sockets 939 and 754 with a single solution.
The new socket carries with it three main benefits over the older two:

Support for DDR2-800 memory
•  Not only does this have the potential for better performance, but since newer Intel boards also use DDR2 the extra demand should help push prices down as the majority of desktop RAM can be made to the same specifications.

A Single Socket Type
•  By converting both socket 939 and 754 chips to AM2, AMD will help to simplify CPU and motherboard product ranges, with fewer separate product lines required to provide the same range of specifications.

The prospect of more energy-efficient CPUs
•  While almost all of AMD's existing processor range will be available as-is for the new socket, a low-power range is also planned for launch which will cut the CPU power usage down to under 35W (less than half of current AMD processors) for single-core chips.

When Is It Happening?
The AM2 socket was officially launched by AMD on the 23rd May, and compatible chips, coolers and motherboards should start to appear shortly. Keep an eye on for the latest new socket AM2 technology as it becomes available

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