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The table below is probably best used as an aid to suggesting an alternative identity for a wrongly listed bayonet. If the blade is the wrong length it MUST be something else. If the length is correct it still MAY be something else. Hopefully the table will be of use in suggesting alternatives which have the same, or similar, blade lengths.

The table, which is by no means exhaustive, lists Blade length (NOT overall length), Country of USE (NOT necessarily of manufacture), and Bayonet Model. Please remember that bayonets, tape measures and human eyes vary so allow a couple of millimeters either way.

If you prefer to work in inches divide the length in millimeters by 26.

An example of how the table can be used in spotting a wrongly identified bayonet in an eBay listing is shown at the end.


146mm CHN AKS 75   e.g. The Chinese AKS 75 bayonet has a blade length of 146mm.

150mm POL 6H4   e.g. The Polish 6H4 bayonet has a blade length of 150mm.

150mm RUS AKM   e.g. The Russian AKM bayonet has a blade length of 150mm.

150mm DDR AKM 59 

150mm DDR AKM 74

150mm RUS AKM ll

150mm POL KBK 47

159mm FIN M62

160mm RUS AKM lll

162mm BEL FAL Type C

162mm GER Rohrbajonett R1

162mm ARG Type C

162mm GBR X2E1

165mm GER G3

165mm USA M7

165mm AUT M77

166mm RSA R1

168mm KOR K-M1 short

168mm USA M4

168mm RSA SA No.9

168mm PRK Type 68

169mm KOR K-M5/M4

169mm USA M5

169mm DEN M62

170mm RSA UziS1

171mm CAN C7

171mm USA M6

175mm CZE VZ52

175mm CZE VZ58

175mm RUS 1948

176mm YUG M1956

177mm ITA 1891/38

178mm SWI 540/542


180mm GBR L3A3

182mm USA M9

189mm NED AR10

190mm FIN training bayonet

197mm SWI FV4

197mm IND L1

197mm USA M41

198mm AUS L1A2

199mm CAN C1

199mm GBR L1A1

200mm SDN M1958

200mm GBR No. 7

201mm IND No. 5

202mm GBR No. 5 Mk.l

202mm ARG Type A (1953)

203mm RUS AK47

203mm DDR MPiK

203mm GBR No. 4

203mm CAN No. 4 Mk ll

203mm GBR No. 9

205mm CHN Type 56 carbine short

208mm NOR 1894

209mm USA 1899

209mm DEN 1947

210mm SWE 1896

212mm EGY Hakim 49


216mm FRA MAS 56

224mm ESP M69 or CETME

227mm RUS SKS

229mm CZE VZ33

230mm CAN 1899

230mm EGY 1949

232mm ITA M1870/87/15

232mm DEN 1889

237mm TUR G1

240mm TUR G3

241mm SWI SIG 57

241mm CHN Type 56 carbine (SKS)

243mm TUR 1907 short

243mm RUS SVT 1940

246mm ISR Mk. lA

246mm YUG 1924

247mm AUT 1895

247mm CZE 1895

248mm AUT Ersatz 1895

248mm ITA M1

248mm USA M1

248mm AUT 1888

248mm THA 1902

248mm DEN 1950

249mm ESP 1941 bolo

249mm POL WZ22/29

249mm ESP 1893

249mm ESP 1943

250mm CZE VZ23 short

250mm CHL 1912

251mm ISR Mk. lA(S84/98)

251mm GER S84/98

251mm NOR S84/98

252mm CHL 1895

253mm IND L1 long

254mm USA 1873 trowel

254mm TUR 1903 short

254mm AUS Owen Mk. 1

254mm CAN Ross Mk ll

254mm TUR 1935

259mm AUT 1904 export

278mm GBR Elliot type carbine

280mm URY 1908

283mm POR 1904

294mm CHL 1910

295mm IND Mysore

295mm USA 1892

295mm THA 1908

298mm URY M1937

298mm CZE VZ24

298mm GER VZ24

298mm ISR VZ24

298mm SWI 1889

298mm SWI 1911

298mm SWI 1918

298mm FIN 1927

299mm BRA 1908

300mm ITA 1892TS

300mm PER 1935

302mm ITA M1891

303mm IND No.1 Mk.l

305mm USA Cadet socket

305mm GBR 1888

305mm GBR 1903

305mm IND 1903

308mm GER S98/14

309mm CHN Type 56 carbine long

310mm GER Typical ersatz

324mm GBR 1840

326mm GBR 1802 carbine

329mm GER German police

330mm IND Indian carbine

330mm SWE 1914

332mm GBR 1856/58 short

340mm FRA 1776/35 lebel

340mm IND Windus's Pattern"

356mm NED 1895

360mm GER S98/05 ersatz

370mm GER S98/05 Butcher

380mm USA 1866 Winchester

384mm ESP 1893/16

384mm BEL 1924 long

384mm BRA 1934

385mm IND Baker's EIC

390mm IND India pattern

392mm FRA 1892 Berthier

393mm USA 1816

397mm JAP 1897 Type 30

397mm POR 1904 long

400mm GER 1829/30

400mm ARG 1891/1909

400mm IND 1842

401mm CZE VZ23 long

405mm USA USN Mk. l

405mm FRA 1914

406mm TUR 1874 short

406mm USA M1942

406mm USA 1910

409mm USA 1912

420mm GBR 1831/44 trials

420mm SWE 1815

425mm GBR 1841 sea service

427mm GBR 1839/44

428mm RUS 1891

430mm IND 1853 type brass

432mm USA M1917

432mm GBR 1815

432mm GBR 1838

433mm GBR Land Pattern

435mm GBR P13

435mm GER 1854

435mm AUS 1907

435mm GBR 1907

435mm THA 1919

435mm CHN 1935

445mm GBR 1853/76

445mm GBR 1853

448mm BEL 1867/41

449mm BEL 1916

450mm USA 1882 generic short

455mm USA 1873 Winchester

455mm ESP 1857

456mm USA 1892 Winchester

457mm USA 1873

460mm EGY 1853 quad

460mm USA 1885 long shank

460mm TUR 1890

463mm ITA 1836

465mm AUT 1838

465mm GER 1871

465mm ARG 1879

467mm GBR 1887 Mklll

470mm POR 1885

478mm SWI 1914 sawback

485mm SWE 1867

486mm AUT 1854 socket

489mm BEL 1867

495mm SWE 1867/89

495mm ESP Remington Quad.

503mm DEN 1854

508mm USA 1870

510mm RUS 1856

512mm YUG 209

512mm YUG 244

513mm NED 1871

517mm ITA M1870/87

521mm TUR 1874 socket

521mm FRA 1886 Lebel

521mm GER S98

521mm PER 1909

522mm FRA 1874 Gras

524mm TUR 1903

544mm USA 1882 generic long

545mm ESP 1871

548mm SWE 1860

548mm GBR 1876

548mm GBR 1895

560mm GBR 1848

560mm EGY 1914

562mm IND 1845

570mm EGY 1876 snider

570mm EGY 1869

571mm FRA 1866 Chassepot

572mm AUT 1870

580mm GBR 1856/58

594mm AUT 1854 sword

610mm GBR 1855

654mm GBR 1879


You are considering bidding on a  listing: BRITISH WW11 No 9 BAYONET AND SCABBARD VGC

There is only one photo taken from some distance. The blade is sheathed so you can't see the blade but the characteristic No 4 socket shape is clearly visible as is the stubby length. The auction ends in less than 1hr so there is probably no time to get a question answered. The blade length is given as 6 1/2 inches. So...... is the bayonet what it claims to be? Enter the blade length of 6.5 inches into your calculator and multiply by 26 to convert to millimeters. 169mm comes up so you turn to the table and scroll down to 169mm. You scan the table around this length but the British No. 9 is NOT listed.  One bayonet that catches your eye at 168mm is the RSA No. 9.  That's it! It is a South African Armscorp made No. 9 and the non fullered blade is not visible. A quick scan down the table looking for GBR bayonets confirms that the British No. 9 has a blade length of 203mm. Now all you have to do is to decide if you want to bid for what it is but at least you will not be the recipient of a wrongly described bayonet with all the attendant hassle.

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