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It seems to be quite a debate at the moment, are Andara's simply just pieces of manmade glass or not!!!!!!!!!!you decide.

Certain websites state that Andara Crystals are nothing more than common glass that was illegally dumped many years ago by a company. I have looked into this over the years and to be totally honest can dismiss this claim completely for a number of reasons. 1 being that the location in which the Andara's are found are not at all accessible on foot let alone by car, van or even dumper truck. 2 being that there is and have never been a glass works for miles around the location. 3 being that glass is expensive and can be recycled so why would any company want to dump 1000's of kilos of recycleable materials.

Some strongly beleive that Andara Crystals are from Atlantis & Lemuria, this theory I can not agree with or disagree with, I simply do not know. I do however certainly beleive that places such as Atlantis & Lemuria did infact exsist so to me it is a strong possibilty that they did indeed come from those two places. I also have a very good customer who lives in Germany who does quite often have a channelling session with his Andara's and it was in one of these sessions that he was told that yes the Andara Crystal was infact born in Atlantis and was used for healing and for spiritual advancement. He also went on to say that he was also told that these crystals have resurfaced again to heal not only humankind but the Earth too.

I do know that chemical testing was carried out on three Andara Crystals in the late 90's and they were found to have a completely different compounds present that are not present in common glass, so although they look like glass they have a completely different make up which ones again disproves the illegal glass dump theory.

Another belief is that the Andara Crystals buried on Earth millions of years ago by extraterrestrial beings for the purpose of knowledge, each Andara is reputed to hold knowledge to the Universe and life itself and that the information held deep within the Andara Crystal can ony be reawakened by light workers. For this reason alone a grid was made and Andara Crystals have been placed on these grid points to heal the Earth and to benefit mankind. mmmmm who knows about this theory, I think I saw a ufo once so you never know or maybe I am just so gullible that I would beleive anything is possible, lol.

What I do know is that Andara Crystals are very powerful, highy attuned crystals that offer a glimmer of hope in this sad God foresaken world we live in today.

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