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I bought an item which cost me £40.. plus £10 p&p

it arrived broken (faulty) and with two missing parts which render it unusable..

the seller refused to refund me and offered a partial refund of £15 (cheek) !!!

I filed a claim with paypal, who have taken 2 weeks to get seller to respond, she offered me partial refund, I declined.. today paypal have asked me to go to a valuator or a repair store and get a estimate or invoice for the total amount of faults on the machine.. I had to pay for this !!

then I had to fax them the documents.. this cost me another £2.00 !!!

I have now done so.. then paypal write to tell me that IF they can get the full amount back from the seller (only if she still has it sitting in her paypal account) then I will STILL be responsible for the postage costs to return the item, another £10 p&p.. and they wont issue the refund (if they manage to get it) until machine is returned !!!

so it costs me another £20 on top !!!

and then to make matters worse... paypal are making me use recorded delivery so seller has to sign for it on return.. which again is gonna cost me around £5 because of the weight of the item.. and if i return it and seller plays dumb and refuses to sign or has it returned to sender.. guess what paypal will do ??? no sign for parcel no return therefore no refund !!!

so the seller can just refuse to sign for package and keeps my money.. and i have to dispose of a useless faulty item..

so guys is that paypal protection or what ????






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